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A web-based application that allows you to store your documents and send them to clients you specify. Helps eliminate phone calls and saves you time.

A wide variety of professionals are already utilizing ClientCourier software as an effective solution to document delivery.

ClientCourier Usage Quick Start Guide

ClientCourier is an application where you the user has reusable online storage for report documents and other files. The report documents and files uploaded to your hosting by ClientCourier software can also be securely downloaded (via hyperlink) by assigned clients or associates. The software is owned by you and there never a reoccurring subscription fee. We will also provide tech support for your version and brand it to your company needs.

Select the Folder

To begin uploading your report documents, go to the folders page by clicking the "My Folders" tab on the top menu.

You will then see on the right 100 available folder icons. To view the folders, use the folder navigation under "Folders:" on the right side of your screen.

Select the folder you wish to add a file to by clicking its icon. If the folder is not in use, select "click here to use this folder".

Set the Password

To ensure that all of your report documents are secure, the first step in using a folder is setting its password. This password will be entered later by your assigned clients to access the folder and download your uploaded report file or other documents(s).

Add the File(s)

To upload a report or other document, you will first need to title it. This title appears next to each upload and is what will be seen by the client when they visit an emailed Delivery Link for the folder.

Once you have a title for your file, click on the file selector — usually this says "Browse" or "Choose" — and select the report or other file from your computer. After you have chosen your file, simply click "Upload" to put the file in the online folder.

Please be patient; the speed of upload is dependent on your internet connection and the size of the file.

Mail The Link

This will allow your client to visit your site and download the password protected files in the assigned folder. You can include the folder password inside the email.

Enter in the client's name, email address, and any message you would like them to read. Then hit "Mail". It's that simple! You will send your client a convenient Delivery Link. Your hosting system will also keep a record of all the people you have mailed this folder to and generate a mailing list for future transactions.

Space Usage

ClientCourier software allows you up to 50000 megabytes of reusable storage at any given time. You may delegate that space any way you see fit — i.e. 50000 megabytes in one folder, or 1 megabyte in each of 100 folders. It's up to you. The system gives you the option of having up to 100 separate channels of communication through 100 password protected online folders. You control the content and see whom has downloaded it and at what date and time they downloaded it.

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